[TenTec] All Es on OMNI C display

Ken Brown kenradiobrown at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 21:37:57 EST 2020

 Two major differences between receive and transmit are current consumption
and RF production. Since he is a new ham his power supply and connections,
station grounding and antenna system may have problems he has not yet
learned how to avoid and repair. To determine if it is either one of those
two differences, current draw or RF, but not which one, have him transmit
with with the TX power turned all the way down and see if the problem goes
away. Once that is confirmed, have him transmit into a good 50 Ohm
termination (dummy load) using a known good cable and properly tightened
connectors, and the TX power back at normal setting.Then if the problem is
still there, turn the power down to minimum and see if it goes away. With
that information you should be able to figure out if it is the increased
current draw of transmit, or the production of RF that is causing the

I'm not real familiar with the Omni C, but perhaps If someone tries to
transmit out of band it will show EEEEE.


On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 2:51 AM Silevitch, Michael <
m.silevitch at northeastern.edu> wrote:

> I loaned my OMNI C to a new ham. When he tries to transmit the display
> shows all Es and there is clearly something wrong. The unit was fine when
> it was loaned out. The unit is fine on receive. I don’t have the unit back
> yet so cannot troubleshoot.
> Any wisdom would be appreciated.
> Regards
>   Michael K1PEV
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