[TenTec] All Es on OMNI C display

Mike Bryce prosolar at sssnet.com
Sun Jan 12 10:30:54 EST 2020

Here’s one example where if it walks like a duck….

There’s no question, and without having the radio in front of me, that RF is getting into the counter circuit. I’d bet RF is also into the audio.
Does he have the ability to listen to himself on another radio/receiver?

Use as short as jumper coax to the dummy load. Make sure the coax connectors are tight, and try again.

Next up, I’d get some ferrite snap on cores and wrap around the power supply leads.

Then test again

Mike, WB8VGE

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> On Jan 12, 2020, at 7:48 AM, Silevitch, Michael <m.silevitch at northeastern.edu> wrote:
> He did transmit into a dummy load and still got the error. It may have been caused by a faulty microphone. But when used with a new microphone the problem persists. He operates qrp. 
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>  Mike K1PEV 

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