[TenTec] Tentec Audio fidelity doubt

Chang Song tru64ufs at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 01:22:49 EDT 2020

Hello, folks.

I have heard so much about Tentec's legendary audio fidelity, I decided to
purchase a Tentec Argonaut VI.    I mostly use SSB.

I also have an IC7300.

>From the moment I started using it, I realized that the voice came out from
the speaker
and the headphone jack on the Argonat VI is very very mushy.
Adding to the fact that it does not have spectrum scope.
I can hardly understand voice with moderate signal level while on IC7300,
even weaker signal, I can clearly understand voices.

Is this normal for TenTec?   Or the audio fidelity applied only to CW..
I don't think it is better than IC7300 either.

Chang Song

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