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Bob McGraw K4TAX rmcgraw at blomand.net
Sun Jul 26 16:37:30 EDT 2020

Are you wanting to use FSK or AFSK?

AFSK is easy as it is an audio interface just like WSJT-X, PSK-31, and 
etc.   For RTTY I use MMTTY as the software on the computer.   I've also 
tried HRD and FLDIGI but MMTTY is a dedicated RTTY application.    Thus 
a sound-card interface such as the Signalink USB or Tentec 712 {if you 
can find one} makes the task very easy.

The Signalink connects to the ACC1 connector on the back of the radio 
{order the correct cable}  and the USB connector goes to the computer.   
For frequency and mode control you will need a FTDI RS-232 to USB 
converter cable.  This connects to the RS-232 port on the radio and to a 
USB connector to the radio.    Thus all control and audio signals are 
handled by 2 cables between the radio and computer.

As to a tutorial........I ended up using baptism by fire method for 
me.   The manual for the Omni VII and the manual for the Signalink are 
adequate.   You can also use HRD software for RTTY and to control the 
radio, or FLDIGI  software for RTTY and to control the radio {the 2 
interfaces described above are required}.

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Bob, K4TAX

On 7/26/2020 11:42 AM, john marks via TenTec wrote:
> Hey guysCan anyone point me to a good tutorial on setting up the Omni 6 for FSK. Mechanical hookup and software recommendations.(I am new to rtty.) :)
> John KM4CH
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