[TenTec] Argosy with Linear

Bob McGraw K4TAX rmcgraw at blomand.net
Fri Mar 6 12:05:56 EST 2020

Yes that is correct, the number I have is 80853.    It allows the relay 
on that board to connect the coil to the T/R line and the other end of 
the coil to connect to +12VDC.   There is a diode across the coil for 
back EMF.  The relay contacts are connected to a RCA connector on the 
rear thus providing a closure when the T/R line is in transmit mode.

I would comment......the Argosy does not provide any delay between key 
closure and RF output.  This WILL cause hot switching of any amplifier 
being controlled by the T/R relay and subsequently the amplifier.    
Also the Argosy is always in full QSK mode thus the relays will operate 
with every key closure.

One can use a reed relay or like to handle the switching for SSB as 
there is little likelihood when using  manual PTT.   For SSB VOX and CW, 
be assured that hot switching will take place.       I am not aware of 
any method to delay the RF output after key closure.


Bob, K4TAX

On 3/6/2020 10:06 AM, John W. Farler wrote:
> As I recall, Ten Tec made a relay accessory that fit inside the radio to key an amp or other device.  The one I had years ago already had it built in to my surprise.
> I don't know whether you can't find the circuit or not, but it wasn't very complicated.  I believe it attached to a phono Jack in the back.  Maybe someone on the list has more info and can provide the circuit.  I'd look inside to make certain it's not already there.
> Regards,
> John, K4AVX
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> Anybody have experience using the Argosy to drive a linear? Interface
> required?
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