[TenTec] Repairing PA board on Omni VI+

Malcolm McLeman f5vbu at cegetel.net
Sat Mar 7 01:09:42 EST 2020

Releasing PL14 should give you the movement you require Terry but would 
suggest for peace of mind to take the board out completely and to do 
this jobe and make sure it is well tethered with replacement screws when 
finished. GL
Malcolm F5VBU

On 3/7/2020 2:21 AM, Terry Berman wrote:
> I need to attach a new coax cable between the PA and the LPF board.  To do
> this I need to get to the underside of the PA board.   I've loosened all
> the screws on the PA board to see if it would nudge up  a little but it
> seems very firmly attached.  I want to avoid causing damage.  Anyone done
> this before and have some pointers?
> Thanks,
> Terry Ki3C
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