[TenTec] 585 paragon

ROLAND HOWELL snowy.howell at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 11 13:03:52 EDT 2020

Good Afternoon Gents from a blustery UK
I have recently acquired another 585 to repair the one that I have been having a multitude of problems with.
This one is in better condition than the original one so I am going to work on this one instead.
!st problem is the 'S' meter, no movement even on very strong signals, I have investigated the IF/AF board, connector 58, knowing that movement on and off sometimes clears these faults, but it didn't this time.
next is to give the 2 x 'S' meter pots a wiggle along their tracks and see if that works.
2nd fault is the display comes on only after I turn the VFO knob after switch on.
3rd fault, the battery does charge, so I look at that.
In all I am pleased as this one is working and not showing the dreaded PLL UNLOCK message on screen
Any clues as to where to look  to cure these problems.
Thanks in anticipation
Snowy G0HZE

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