[TenTec] 580 Display Problem

dhhdeh dhhdeh at comcast.net
Sun Mar 29 14:18:18 EDT 2020

Hi Dennis,

I suspect this  is very similar to the one in my Corsair II which has 
exhibited similar problems from time to time.

Read the the following below from the Ten Tec Wiki 
(https://tentecwiki.eqth.net/doku.php) for the likely fix which is very 
simple.  Corrosion on all TT connectors (both cable and board 
connectors) is a very big problem over time.

73 de N1LQ-Dave


Several of you have asked what I did on my readout to fix it.

It was simple in this case.

I asked:

The readouts on this radio are intermittent, too. Sometimes they are 
just fine and sometimes some of the segments fade out. One time I 
"banged" the side of the rig and they came back on. Do you know if I 
take off the front panel (and all those 300 knobs) can I get to the LEDs 
and are they plug-in such that I can exercise the devices in and out of 
a socket? … I have the screws out right now but am loath to pull all 
those knobs and such.


 From Harry Freeman, NK9R:

No, you don't have to take off the knobs. Just unscrew the top of the 
aluminum enclosure. The led board is right under it. Unplug it and put a 
little contact cleaner in the connections and you should be good to go.


I opened it up and found there was a cable of sorts with plugs than ran 
from the LED boards to a horizontal board. I pulled the plug, noting 
which way it came off, and cleaned the pins and the sockets on the 
cable. Plugging it back in, the readouts work perfectly now. It did not 
look like the LEDs themselves came out but I supected plug to pin 
contact from the start.


Take care.

73, Jim

Jim Larsen, AL7FS
Anchorage, Alaska

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