[TenTec] Using N1MM with Paragon II

Mike Golini mgolini at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 08:07:22 EST 2020

Peter -

You can change the baud rate in Windows Device manager (under properties
for the com port  you are using).

I too get the cyclic sound, which I've traced to the RS232 board.  Thought
it was me, but happy(?) to see someone else is experiencing the same

One question though:  How to change the address to 2C?  My experience is
that there is no alpha characters on the Paragon II (although I have seen
this in other models like the Omni 6, 6+).   I currently set the model to
an IC 765  in N1MM as described in the manual.

If there is a better model to use in N1MM, please let me know.

At the moment, I set it to 04 on the paragon and change it in N1MM to
match.  N1MM complains about it (only on startup of N1MM) but runs.

Mike, K1SLT

mgolini at gmail.com

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