[TenTec] Argonaut 509 - PTO rebuild parts/instructions needed - still possible? advice/recommendations?

Ed - K9EW k9ew57 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 14:36:38 EST 2020

Hi Dave,
It sounds like you're making progress, but I've never seen 'super-glue' or
'2-part epoxy' mentioned in a PTO rebuild.  Are you sure you need that?
The inner shaft is supposed to make the ball bearings rotate, which in turn
makes the outer shaft rotate.  If you need something to hold those ball
bearings in place, a dab of lubricant is usually sufficient.

There's a wide range of suggestions for which lubricant to use.  I've used
white lithium grease (eventually dries out), synthetic bearing grease (a
little bit too viscous for my taste), and - most recently - triflow bicycle
lubricant (still going after 2 years).

Too bad those PTO's don't have a grease fitting like cars do (or did).

ed - k9ew

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 12:04 PM wb0gaz via TenTec <tentec at contesting.com>

>  Thanks, Bob - my initial search on groups.io didn't use the correct
> search term - I'll wander over there shortly!
> Progress - the problem step (#4) was that ten-tec directed that the PTO
> setting be fully clockwise before starting work, which would normally push
> the limit pin close to the back end of the assembly (so pushing in a bit
> more would expose it to remove the pin). In my case, the (small inner) knob
> shaft transmits no torque to the (larger outer) core drive shaft so this
> step (which is critical) wasn't done properly.
> Finally figured out that the core drive shaft would need to be turned
> manually a few turns (clockwise) to get the limit pin accessible. Although
> it was pretty stiff, the core drive shaft did turn three turns, and let me
> resume work. I've since done the degreasing and started assembly (using
> tiny dabs of 2-part epoxy rather than superglue to reattach the bearing
> race component to the housing, as it seems superglue would make a future
> repair job harder.
> So, thanks for the replies!
> Dave
>      On Friday, November 20, 2020, 11:11:38 PM MST, <wb0gaz at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
>   Found that I had the ten-tec instructions in my file, so proceeded up to
> a point where I am stuck, so looking for advice:
> PTO subassembly housing (that holds the coil and movable parts) removed
> from the 509 Argonaut without difficulty; all of the various small parts
> are stashed in small plastic bags.
> (referring to the ten-tec instructions on PTO rebuild)
> "Step 4. Push tuning shaft (J) back far enough to remove stop pin (H)
> using long nose pliers. Note the position of this pin as it must be put
> back in the same hole."
> I am not able to push the tuning shaft (J) back (I presume by back, they
> mean push on it towards the rear of the radio) very far at all - certainly
> not enough to expose the stop pin so I can safely remove it (I assume the
> idea is to push the shaft back towards the rear until the stop pin is clear
> of housing so that the stop pin can be removed.)
> The small-diameter inner shaft (where the PTO knob is attached) turns
> normally, but no movement is transmitted to the gear-reduced
> larger-diameter outer shaft (where the kHz ring and string wind-up goes),
> which I think is what actuates the PTO movement forward and backward for
> frequency change.
> As far as I can tell, the root problem is that the "core drive rod (K)" -
> which is the larger-diameter shaft just behind where the PTO knob is
> attached - does not turn at all (certainly not by hand, and I've not tried
> using any tool to turn it because it seems very unwilling to rotate.)
> Turning this is necessary at step 7 so it can be removed from the assembly
> housing. I can't work out why it does not turn. What grease I've cleaned up
> so far seems normal consistency.
> I can press the tuning shaft (J) in maybe 1/8", and I see the three ball
> bearings move back in their plastic housing, but they're not exposed enough
> to remove them.
> Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'm stumped!
> Thanks,
> 73 Dave WB0GAZ wb0gaz at yahoo.com
>      On Friday, November 20, 2020, 08:06:37 PM MST, <wb0gaz at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
>   My Argonaut 509 (S/N 509-3xxx) has been in storage for a long time, and
> after unpacking it and putting it in line, I discovered the PTO (frequency
> dial, not the resonator rack) control is largely immobile. I suspect the
> PTO mechanism grease has gone bad and I'd need to remove the PTO,
> disassemble, remove the old grease, apply new grease, reassemble,
> re-install and realign.
> All that said, the last time I did this (for another PTO-based analog
> Ten-Tec transceiver) was some years ago and Ten-Tec at the time could
> supply the needed materials and instructions.
> I presume with Ten-Tec gone that I'm "on my own", so looking here for any
> advice as to how to proceed. I no longer have the materials (I recall a
> kind of green grease and a very small metal part) nor instructions (a few
> photocopied pages, which served well the last time I did this years ago.)
> The 509 seems otherwise to be in good shape, it's just stuck at xx.060 MHz
> or thereabouts.
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> 73 Dave WB0GAZ wb0gaz at yahoo.com
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