[TenTec] A question about a Omni VI/3

Donald Kemp nn8b.oh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 14:08:39 EST 2020


I think you need to use the Icom Civ for rig control.
The IC-745 sticks in my mind as the rig to use.

N4PY has software you can use for it.
I am in the process of getting my Omni V set up for rig control.
Here is what Carl (N4PY) told ne to use for the Omni V:
CIV Address 1Eh
1200 baud rate
Radio type IC-GEN
Select the correct comport
Your serial cable must have just 3 wires in it. I made a cable
     with a male DB 25 that plugs into the Omni V and a female DB 9
     on the other end that plugs into the PC serial port.  The
     cable is 2 RG/174 cables.  The first cable has the center lead
     going to pin 2 on the DB 25 and pin 2 on the DB 9. The second
     cable has the center lead going to pin 3 on the DB 25 and pin 3
     on the DB 9.  The shields on both cables are connected together
     and go to pin 7 on the DB 25 and pin 5 on the DB 9.

I am making up my cable today using a 5 conductor with shield.

Don, NN8B
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