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Winston jones_winston at bellsouth.net
Sat Apr 3 13:09:57 EDT 2021

I bought a cheap Chinese frequency counter bar from eBay. I wired the counter input to the output terminal from the PTO box on my 509. It can be reached by sliding open the bottom cover on the radio cabinet.
 I knew the MHz readout would read wrong since it’s the injection frequency, but I could use four lowest digits (for example, 330.5), plus the known MHz from bandswitch, to determine my exact frequency, to hundred hertz.
However, the readout was 300 hertz lower than the actual frequency. I couldn’t find an adjustment on the counter to zero it, so later disconnected it. It was only a temporary test setup. My plan was to mount the counter in a box, and use cables with RCA phono plugs to get 12V operating power for counter, and rewire the 509 AUX phono jack to bring out the VFO signal.
I haven’t done anymore work on it, but may get back to it sometime.
-de K4CWQ.

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> On Apr 2, 2021, at 2:41 PM, ROLAND HOWELL via TenTec <tentec at contesting.com> wrote:
> Good Evening Gents
> Question for you, is it possible to fit a frequency counter to the above radio, It would nice to know what the actual 'F' is in relation to the scale.
> If anybody has done this mod, please advise and if possible supply connection details, although the radio is sold i would like to supply the new owner with as much info as possible.
> 73
> Snowy G0HZE
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