[TenTec] 515 Argonaut

ROLAND HOWELL snowy.howell at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 4 08:27:57 EDT 2021

Good Afternoon Gents, a Happy Easter to you all
I have corrected the rebuild error on the Argonaut 515, i copied my 
instructions on the disassembly but the P/O had rebuilt it incorrectly, 
so i just copied the error.
With the aid of a diagram from some learned chaps on the TT reflector i 
have it now performing correctly.

now i have a problem with the restringing of the dial cord, got it 
almost correct but the pointer continues its travel over the 'S' meter, 
it stops at the other end ok, so have i rebuilt it correctly or is there 
something that i need to do, it has about 5 x turns on the PTO shaft.

So once again i am asking for help and advice, a drawing would be nice 
if at all possible or the location of said drawing

thanking you in anticipation

Snowy G0HZE

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