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Sun Apr 11 13:11:52 EDT 2021

   I would give it to him in exchange for some yard work or something like that.
He will value it more than if his parents bought it for him! 
 As far a value this site should give you the high end ! Hihi  Myself $200-300 and I really wouldn’t buy it at that price unless that’s just all the money I had to spend! 
 I have bought Icom 7300 for $600 and $650 ! They needed the money fast but that’s really only $200 under a normal selling price. No I don’t run one ! Orion or a Flex or Drake! 
 Just remember if it breaks where and who is going to fix it?  Oh shipping cost to repair a radio! I’m in the Midwest and if I send a radio anywhere it $50 one way!
 I think letting him work it off !  Heck it could be washing the house siding by hand ! Hihi
73s Byron AC9PA 

On Apr 11, 2021, at 11:29 AM, Joseph Palomino via TenTec <tentec at contesting.com> wrote:

Greeting Folks,
I have a Jupiter that went back to Tentec many years ago and they replaced all those little relays that control the bands I think ?  They also updated the software to the latest FW and installed the chip to read CW.  This unit works beautifully and seen very little use. My question is what would be a fair price for this unit ? I have a young teenager that I'm teaching code and he likes the rig.  I want to be able to give him a fair price if his parents decide to buy it for him.  Thank you for your thoughts in advance.
Best of 73 de WA4ONV
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