[TenTec] Orion II Master Reset upon power-on

Bob, W3IDT w3idt at comcast.net
Mon Dec 6 17:33:26 EST 2021


Some weeks ago, I sent a note regarding several problems I'm having with 
my Orion II. Perhaps I can ask this time about one specific issue:

Whenever I power-on my O2, it does a Master Reset.
(And, of course, loses all USER1 and USER2 settings.)

The caps on the A9 board were replaced a couple of years ago.
I replaced both batteries a few weeks ago.
I've tried both firmware 3.033xa and 3.033xe.
And did the necessary Master Resets and RAM Clears.
I've removed all external interfaces (MicroKeyer).

Still happens.

Anyone have any clue?

(I'm thinking that if I get this issue solved,
maybe the other issues go away too.)

Thanks for any suggestions.

Bob, w3idt
. Robert F. Teitel, W3IDT
. w3idt at comcast.net
. w3idt at arrl.net

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