[TenTec] Encoder

Bob D. ajamas.rn at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 21:45:47 EST 2021

Thanks everyone!

Got it working. I replaced the encoder with a new one. Took the old one
apart and there were tracks of something following the path of the wipers.
I'll clean it up and use it for another project.

There was something that looked like chemical residue on the motherboard.
It' looked like it came in at the encoder and then run doen the pins of the
CPU and SPU sockets. I cleaned all that up too.  I took pictures and will
try to post to the groups.io for Eagle. It had the encoder problem from the
day I picked it up from the original owner. I finally got tired of it.

Tools etc.
0.050" hex key for knobs.
Phillips screwdriver.
Soldering iron.
small diagonal cutters.
needle nose pliers or forceps
magnifying glass
good light
91% isopropyl alcohol
solder sucker
solder wick
liquid flux

new encoder
0.1" spacing pin terminals like the ones used to connect to the board.
only need 3 pins worth.

The microphone connector unplugs from the mother board.
The front panel ground connector is soldered.
unplug and unsolder before taking the panel off.

Buttons lay in the front panel for easy alignment when putting the panel
I was expecting individual buttons. No. They're all embedded in a sheet of

The encoder knob does not have a set screw. The others do.

73, -bob ah7i

-do not look into LASER with remaining eye!

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