[TenTec] Power output question....omni c

Scott Sheppard scott.vy1co at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 12:12:29 EST 2021

Hello everyone

I have been going thru the omni c over the past several days getting it back in shape. It’s running well and my last remaining challenge was the power output. 

On most bands I was getting under 50w so figured I may have had a blown final. 

Out came the mrf458’s (intact) and replaced with PT9784’s I had on hand...not a lot of difference. I then swapped out the pt3647 devices also located in the final PA with a pair of 2sc2166’s.

I realize the power output specs vary to some degree and have a bit of range, and normallly higher freq will be a bit less.... but I am curious why 40m is now my lowest output...with 13.8 v measured at the radio this is the result:

160.  65

80.    85

40.    75

30.     80

20.     95

15.      80

28.     65

Any thoughts why 40 is the lowest band?

Greetings from Yukon Territory,
Scott.  Vy1co

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