[TenTec] Fwd: [TentecOrionSeries] Orion II sub receiver problem

Barry Simpson vk2bj at optusnet.com.au
Sat Feb 13 00:55:01 EST 2021

Orion II Sub-receiver problem - solved !!

I posted the message below on 18 January 2021 and as I have now solved the
problem, I thought that sharing the solution might be useful to fellow
Orion II users in the event they have similar sub receiver issues.

In summary, I spent very many hours in fruitless fault finding including
reflowing all soldered joints on the sub receiver board and changing all
the electrolytic capacitors.

Eventually, using some Freezit spray, I detected a reduction in the
crashing noise when I sprayed the ceramic IF Filter marked CQ 33-450E.

Googling that filter then brought up a host of similar problems people had
had with those types of ceramic filters in other Ten Tec models (strangely
no mention of the Orion or Orion II) and other rigs such as the Kenwood
TS2000 and some Icom rigs.

I have removed the filter and broken it open, finding some horribly
discoloured plates inside as expected from my Google searches.

Temporarily I have bridged the filter circuit with a .01 UF capacitor and
the sub receiver works like new with no crashes and bangs.

The filter is out of production but I have found an electronics dealer in
Poland who has them (or their equivalent) and I have half a dozen on the
way to me mainly as spares for any future issues.


Barry Simpson  VK2BJ

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I have a very recently acquired late serial number (black knobs) Orion II
which is in immaculate condition outside and inside.

I have not used it very much since I bought it just prior to Christmas but
yesterday I noticed that the sub receiver (standard model sub receiver) was
making intermittent loud crashing noises like receiving static and the sub
S meter was registering those crashes. The rig had been on most of the day
in a fairly warm room.

However, there were no such static crashes as the main receiver was working

Tonight, I took out the sub receiver board and cleaned all the
pins/connectors although I could not see any tarnishing anywhere.

That did nothing to cure the problem which still occurs with the antenna
connected to a dummy load.

It does not seem to occur immediately when the rig is switched on from cold
but it gradually gets worse as it warms up.

I have not identified anything specific to trigger or make the crashes
worse by tapping on components and screening boxes and wiggling capacitors
and connecting leads.

Before I start dismantling the rig and investigating further, I wonder if
anyone can identify the symptoms and suggest a possible cause.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is the power board capacitor
problem but I do not know how that would result in what I am experiencing.

All and any suggestions and pearls of wisdom would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Barry Simpson  VK2BJ
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