[TenTec] FS: Argonaut 505 & 206 A "As Is" $50

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Sun Feb 14 21:09:32 EST 2021

My apologies for the typo.  That should have read "505" not "509".  I don't know why I keep doing that!  (Wishful thinking, probably)

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I'm sure I'm going to look back and regret this, but... and please read the full description...
I was cleaning up the shack earlier today, and as usual, I have way too many projects pending.  I don't think I'm going to get to this one for quite awhile, it's already been sitting way too long..  So...
The backstory:

A couple of years ago, I picked up at a hamfest an "As Is" Argonaut 505.  The 206 A Crystal Calibrator was included in the package, along with some misc. parts.
For the price, my original thought was to use the case for another project, but the rig looks to be intact.  The case is in good shape, no visible signs of any significant wear and tear.
This was off the sponsoring club's table, so no one present knew much if anything about it.
So I was going to sit down and restore it... one day.  But like I said, just too many projects pending right now.
Full Disclosure:
I do not know the condition of the rig... I have yet to fire it up... it may be working perfectly, it may be DOA.  At the very least, someone working on a restore may be interested in this as a parts rig.  
It did NOT come with any documentation.  No manual, no paperwork, no mike or key, no cables, no power supply.  I don't want someone interested to be misled as to what they're getting.
$50 for the rig and calibrator, plus the other odds & ends that came with it.  That price INCLUDES shipping in the US (most likely FedEx Ground), which I estimate will be in the $20 -25 neighborhood.
Anyone interested, please contact me directly at wn3vaw at verizon.net, not through the list.
And thanks.
73, ron w3wn
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