[TenTec] Argo V back on the air

Dirk Esterline esterline.dj.t at northmen.org
Tue Feb 23 22:34:42 EST 2021

Thanks for all the advice on my Argo V. My buddy cleaned all the
connections and grounds, replaced a cap in the final section, he also moved
a few wires around on some of the inductors in the final section.
Apparently the wire on those is bare wire not enameled and it looked to him
like the wire could have been touching the board and shorting it out. After
that he put a sine wave in through the mic and compared it to the received
wave on another rig. Looked nice and clean.

Made several contacts tonight on 80m even though conditions weren't great
and was only running 20 watts. Got a nice 59 from a station out east. No
complaints about the audio this time! I am really excited to finally have
the rig working properly. The DSP on it is amazing. I found some SW
stations on 7 mhz and you couldn't even hear them with it off but with the
DSP on they sounded really nice.

The FT-847 is going to be a bit sad as it is going to get set aside for a
while as I finally get a chance to use the Argo V (two years after
purchasing it!)

73 and thanks!

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