[TenTec] CAT control of Omni VI Plus

Karl Heimbach kheimbach at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 3 10:11:43 EST 2021


I bought a FTDI 25 pin serial cable for my Omni VI Plus and am 
interested in what others may have used or are using for CAT control.

Flrig, both the Windows and Linux flavors, will allow frequency and mode 
changes, but hangs on transmit/receive.

Ham Radio Deluxe does not have support for an Omni VI, but does have 
support for an Icom 735.  Using HRD and talking to the Omni as an Icom 
735, allows for frequency changes, but the mode is stuck in AM.

WSJT-X will communicate with the Omni using hamlib.  I suspect that 
fldigi will also work utilizing hamlib.

I suspect that CAT functionality with an Omni VI is going to be 
rudimentary at best.  If flrig could be made to work, the "CMD" section 
of flrig would allow appropriate commands to be sent for additional 
control of the radio.  The Ten-Tec manual has an entire section on what 
strings to send for various functions.


Karl - W5QJ

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