[TenTec] power supply trip setup on Century 21

brianpepperdine brianpepperdine brianpepperdine at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 18 10:20:49 EST 2021

Now that I have the PTO restored on my Century 21, I wonder if there is anyone
who can guide me around the rather obtuse instructions on the TT manual
regarding setting the power out / current trip setup.
It calls for large wattage variable resistor (yeah, like we all have those
sitting all around us) and an ammeter in series. I can say I don't have this
resistor nor do I likely have access to that sort of thing (not so aptly
described as it is (not) ).

I see that they have a relationship between the current trip level and the Drive
level indication meter on the rig.
Can I just circumvent this whole thing by hooking up an RF swr meter in line
with a dummy load and observe a decent power level out from the C 21, say for
40m and 20m and accept something around 20 or 25 watts out (that should be
pretty conservative) as the level of output and then set the determining meter
resistor at the half or 2/3 scale as the Drive level. That should in theory (I
think) we well below the danger zone of current draw and allow the trip circuit
to engage when power gets too high or the feedback circuit is saying too much
current draw in regard to SWR ??
Otherwise I really cannot see a way to do it the somewhat zany way TT has it in
the manual - User parts required that are not user obtainable....


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