[TenTec] Little problem with Omni D display

Bob, WB2VUF wb2vuf at verizon.net
Sun May 2 17:15:10 EDT 2021

I have a Corsair that also uses counter presets. One problem that I 
found and fixed was a bad  capacitor on one of the preset lines.  
capacitors are connected between the 4 preset lines and the 11 V bus.  

One was leaky, causing that preset line to be pulled up, resulting in an 
erroneous preset.



On 5/2/2021 6:18 AM, Jon Iza wrote:
> Folks,
> First of all, my Omni is a C model. I always thought that D was after
> C, but it seems that the "D" was for digital, and C included the WARC
> bands.
> Following Mike's advice, I have studied the description on how the
> counter works, and especially how the presets change the digits. I
> habe also checked all diodes and transistors.
> D5 and D6 plus Q3 enable the first digit for bands over 10 MHz, and it
> was working OK.
> The preset lines use two transistors and several diodes to "feed" the
> preset inputs CA (for 1) and CD (for 8) in sync with the DD6 and DD5
> display signals. In my case, the upper bands were short by 8 MHz,
> which leads to a lack of CD signal.
> When dismounting the board to check the bottom traces I have seen the
> bottom pin was bent, so the connector was seated but with no contact
> for CD. That was impossible to see from the top.
> Lo and behold, once straightened right and connected, the counter is
> working just fine.
> The VFO, though, is gripped again, so I guess the easiest way to solve
> the problem which does not require dismount the whole rig is to build
> a external VFO with an Arduino, connect it through the back port, and
> let the counter show the frequency...
> Thanks for your help, Mike. It has been an educational experience.
> jon, ea2sn / ae2sn
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