[TenTec] New Argosy!

Rick at dj0ip.de Rick at dj0ip.de
Mon Oct 25 04:17:06 EDT 2021

A company in Bulgaria is building and selling a modern version of the Argosy.
It is called the RGO-ONE.

It is a single conversion transceiver using 2 Xtal filters; a 2.4 kHz first filter followed by an adjustable Jones filter.
It can run 5W or 50W output.

Details: https://lz2jr.com/blog/index.php/qrp-hf-transceiver/ 

RGO-ONE Group:  https://groups.io/g/RGO-ONE 

Users seem to rave about its clean audio and quiet receiver.
However, once an Op gets used to radios with good DSP filters, he may find the RGO-ONE a bit lacking on selectivity.
It's as good as the argosy ever was, probably even better, but on a crowded band, you can certainly tell the difference.

73 - Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)
May the Sunspots be with Us!

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I had one in my car for years and just plain wore it out.  While I did use it in the shack some on CW, it was used mostly for county hunting on SSB.  It was a terrific rig and wish I had one again.



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> On Oct 24, 2021, at 6:27 PM, Bob D. <ajamas.rn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Aloha all,
> Today I collected an Argosy 525. I have not checked out TX. RX is 
> outstanding!
> I can not believe how quiet the audio is. It's got two 8 pole filters 
> 2.4 and 0.5 kHz and the calibrator board. With three accessory RCA 
> connectors, it's begging for an IF tap and maybe an amp keying line 
> for use with other than TenTec amp. IF frequency is the same as the 
> Eagle!  Also need to dig out the old VVF keyer. Shack has become too 
> crowded. I've got to move some older residents out.
> Argosy tips, links, stories welcome.
> 73, -Bob ah7i
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