[TenTec] Uneven power output on omni C

Shawn Upton kb1ckt at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 17:15:46 EDT 2021

Seems odd.  I'd first check your meter and make sure it is correct, and that you're not facing a problem with the measurement tool.
After that... odd.  I'd wonder if it was a coupling capacitor problem, like a 100nF cap has decided to crack and become much smaller in value.  Been a while but I recall the TX signal to the PA is on an RCA.  I think you can pull that, terminate into 50ohm, and see if you are getting a nice flat consistent power level as you go up/down bands.  I have a problem child Omni on the bench and I want to say I measured 136mW at full tilt--but I did not check from band to band.
This might help debug to if the problem is before the PA or in the PA and/or LPF's.  How it would be in the LPF's I don't know...
Lastly (or firstly) maybe poke around and see if anyone tacked in anything special.  Who knows, maybe someone put in an AM BC filter, and it's not correct.  Or there is a tap going somewhere, or something obviously not connected correctly.  Just to rule out mods that were not helpful.
Shawn kb1ckt skcc 24824
    On Friday, October 29, 2021, 12:42:10 PM EDT, Scott Sheppard <scott.vy1co at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hi folks

I seen yo recall this issue having been discussed some time ago but cant

In the omni I am presently playing with from last season, is working well
except for low power out in general, and uneven at that:

160    38w
80      44w
40      38w
30      28w
20      16w
17      50w
15      45w
10      60w

A bit counter to what I would have expected as you go up in freq, generally.

Trust everyone is well,

Scott  vy1co
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