[TenTec] Omni VI fan kit?

Wes Attaway wesattaway at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 13 15:09:01 EDT 2021

For several years I have used a spare 12V fan from an old computer case.  I
just hung it down under the shelf that is over the top of my Orion.  I ran a
12V line to it from the Orion's external power supply and it just hangs
there under the shelf and silently blows air across the back of the radio
whether the radio is on or not.

It keeps the radio totally cool no matter what mode I am using.  It is way
better than an internal (probably noisy) fan.

      Wes Attaway (N5WA)
           Shreveport, LA

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Was a fan kit ever offered for the Omni V or VI series rigs?  I am starting
to dabble in digital modes and suspect some cooling might be a good idea.

Pete W1BR
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