[TenTec] Model 315 Receiver Transistors

Byron Tatum bjtatum1 at att.net
Wed Mar 16 22:15:03 EDT 2022

Mostly Out of Wanting to Know ---        I have figured out that the epoxy cased transistors A138, A154, BC418B and the metal cased dual transistor A2739 are all made by Amperex. All of these devices have an identical logo on them --- a capital "A" inside of a diamond that is squashed down nearly to an ellipse.  I found a known Amperex (1960's era) transistor (the A210) that has the identical logo on it that the above-mentioned devices in my model 315 receiver have. 
        Have been searching on internet for mid to late 1960's Amperex databooks. Possibly someone may have access to an Amperex databook that would have these devices in it. Just curious to try and find original data on these devices. I realize what modern subs are suitable and I have them here in my stock (and likely will not need them) but I just am curious about the data on these original parts.   Thanks,Byron W5FH 

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