[TenTec] Corsair II Question

Shawn Upton kb1ckt at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 24 09:04:08 EDT 2022

So I picked one up last weekend, supposedly gone through and all that.  Seems to be true, as it's seemingly working--except for the drive?  If I set ALC full clockwise, in order to get 80-90W out on 40m I have drive set to 7.5.  Seems high?  I have an Omni C that is on the desk I'm comparing to.  I'm not concerned a bit about "only" getting 80W, I just want to make sure that drive needs to be this high.
Quick check shows 90W on 160m with drive at 7.75, while on 10m I get like 70W at 8.1 on the knob.  So it's actually really flat response on the drive--maybe I'm just too used to my Omni where drive changes "a lot" from band to band.  :)
Shawn kb1ckt

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