[TenTec] Corsair II Question

Bob DeVarney W1ICW w1icw at myfairpoint.net
Thu Mar 24 11:42:28 EDT 2022

If I recall correctly I was only getting 30 watts on 10 Meters. Might be 
interesting to snap an ammeter on the DC input to the final and see if 
it's a lack of drive or output mismatch.
That's how I found my issue. I can provide my measurements if you like 
for comparison.

On 3/24/2022 10:51 AM, Shawn Upton via TenTec wrote:
> Looks like 70-80W on 10m.  The radio thinks it's a full 100W.
> If I go down from 10m power goes up slightly, never quite 100W but close enough for me.
> Shawn kb1ckt
>      On Thursday, March 24, 2022, 10:18:17 AM EDT, Bob DeVarney W1ICW <w1icw at myfairpoint.net> wrote:
>   Hi Shawn,
> what's the output like on the bands 20 and above? I recently restored
> one and spent quite a bit of time chasing  my tail. I had full output on
> 160-40 but it dropped off rapidly above that.
> I eventually discovered one of the final transistors was open. The
> little "3D structure" of resistors/caps they used to bias the
> transistors had a bad solder joint that had opened up and this killed
> the transistor.
> Take the final section off and give it a good visual inspection, and
> maybe even wiggle things a bit in that area and you may find the same thing.
> On 3/24/2022 9:04 AM, Shawn Upton via TenTec wrote:
>> So I picked one up last weekend, supposedly gone through and all that.  Seems to be true, as it's seemingly working--except for the drive?  If I set ALC full clockwise, in order to get 80-90W out on 40m I have drive set to 7.5.  Seems high?  I have an Omni C that is on the desk I'm comparing to.  I'm not concerned a bit about "only" getting 80W, I just want to make sure that drive needs to be this high.
>> Quick check shows 90W on 160m with drive at 7.75, while on 10m I get like 70W at 8.1 on the knob.  So it's actually really flat response on the drive--maybe I'm just too used to my Omni where drive changes "a lot" from band to band.  :)
>> Shawn kb1ckt
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