[TenTec] Orion 2 100hz off

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Good afternoon, Scott:

I don't have an Orion 2, so I don't know.  Do you have the service manual or
schematic handy?  I do have an Omni 546-C, and the frequency counter has a
trimmer capacitor, as you might see in a frequency counter.

When you transmit to our fellow hams, do they squawk that you are a few
hundred hertz off frequency?


AA2PM, Paul Mondok

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Thanks Paul...read my mind...everything I have done points to that. That's
why early on I asked if there was some sort of read out adjustment...you
know, as you would calibrate a freq counter?

I have consistently arrived  in the same place with all the tests so far.
TX is the same freq as what I am receiving....100hz higher (on 20m for

I feel the problem lies elsewhere but do not know enough about the radio.
As well, would the counter be out a simar amount as well? Ie, very little on
80m but aver 195hz are 25mhz?

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