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Fri Jan 20 16:02:10 EST 2023

So, am I to understand you are looking for a kind of "MONITOR" function to hear yourself speaking while transmitting? If so, no, the rig has no such function. An inexpensive SDR works, but it is MUCH more accurate to use it to record yourself, VS. listening while speaking. It's physics.
Greg, KC8HXO 

     On Friday, January 20, 2023, 01:06:09 PM EST, Richard <flathat at comcast.net> wrote:  
 I recently adopted a very fine Ten-Tec 526 “6N2” six- and two-meter transceiver. It looks like it just left the factory and is 100% perfect. I’m a happy guy.

I’m using an EQ / compressor package connected to the 526 at the AUD IN RCA connector on the back. Power meter needle deflection seems to indicate that it is working, BUT I can’t hear my transmit audio.

Does the AUD OUT RCA connector on the back of the 526 output audio during SSB transmission? My plan would be to amplify that audio to drive headphones.

Your wisdom will be gratefully received.


Richard Kunc
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