[TOEC] Fotpedal - vad har man den till?

Lars SM4WGB lars at elmqvist.net
Thu Oct 21 04:07:31 EDT 2004

På denna sida, längst ned, står lite resonemang om foot-switch:

Jag fann ett annat argument:
"I had an HT-37 for about two years, 1969 - 1971. Used it for both SSB and CW, never tried it on AM.
Here's what I think of this classic:
- No PTT. You had VOX or MOX. (I fixed the no-ptt/no semi break-in CW problems by making a simple relay circuit to key the MOX line via A mic PTT button or foot switch for CW)"

En annan historia:
"After starting the contest with 1000 Q's in the first 3 hours we thought we were on the way to a competitive finish. NOT! The electric is limited at this location so the second station is run on a generator. The main station lost power for a couple of hours while we made repairs. (see photos!)The second station rig died Sat. night and the back up Icom did not have a mic or headset with it so we rigged a Heil on it, but it didn't make enough audio to make the vox work so we rigged a foot switch (see photos!) to give it a try. One of my first QSO's was with N5KO and Trey told me with a laugh, he had been there too! Then the generator died so we didn't have to deal with that problem any longer! OK now we can MS it to the end."

Ännu ett argument:
"There are only three discrete VOX settings on the Elecraft K2/100. If you find the delays available not to your liking, there is basically no way to adjust them. This might not be a big deal for casual QSOs, but going at a fast rate on phone might require a footswitch instead of VOX. (At some point, it would be cool if the firmware supported better VOX settings.) Solution: use a footswitch instead of VOX (I never use VOX myself.) "

Det finns säkert mer.
Lars /WGB

On 2004-10-21  wrote:

>I många contest-relaterade artiklar, speciellt från USA pratas 
>det om 'foot-switch'.  På SSB kan jag har viss förståelse till att
>den kan vara ett alternativ till VOX men att använda den på CW
>har jag aldrig förstått.  I TRLOG finns möjligheten att använda
>fotpedalen även till andra funktioner, någon som testat?
>Är det någon som använder fotpedal i SM? Och i så fall till vad?
>Skriv och berätta? 
>73 de Ingemar SM5AJV
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