[TOEC] Fw: [CCF] One more good linear. This time from OH0Z

Tomi Ylinen tomi.ylinen at luukku.com
Fri Apr 27 04:25:21 PDT 2012

Oops. Wrote this in english to put on TOEC reflector also but did not. So here you are:

Rugged workhorse from OH0Z available.

Built by Juha OH1JT with GU78B tube. Separate 3-phase HV-power. Big and rough in physical measures. No lace decorations or angel-stickers.

Vacuum capasitor tune, band switch, air capasitor load. G3SEK and vacuum T/R relays.

Does not mind driving hard. Legal output without pressing accelerator pedal through the floor. 

Only 1995 EUR. At the moment RF-deck located in Helsinki. HV-power in OH0Z but transportation can be arranged.

Tomi OH6EI
Tel 358 44 318 1778
Pictures available from OH1JT at OH2U.COM

PS Contains sophisticated electronics: reduces output power of SM-operator to 300 W between 15th September and 12th of October.

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