[TOEC] SAC Sponsored Plaques

Tomi Ylinen tomi.ylinen at luukku.com
Fri Sep 1 03:20:05 EDT 2017

Polar battle Scandinavian Activity Contest is approaching. Only two weeks to CW! (All details in sactest.net). 

The sponsored plaque program was created some years ago to  motivate participants and increase interest in SAC. This year's list is now updated:


New plaques and sponsors are warmly welcomed. Think of interesting new combinations. Or there are some old ones available:

For non-Scandinavians
Most QSOs (Sponsor: open )
Most multipliers (Sponsor: open)
CW: Best accuracy (at least 200 QSOs) (Sponsor: open)
CW: Best QRP outside Europe (at least 150 QSOs) (Sponsor: open)
SSB: Best BY (Sponsor: open)
SSB: Best accuracy (at least 200 QSOs) (Sponsor: open)
For Scandinavians
CW + SSB: Most multipliers (Sponsor: open)
SSB: Best accuracy (at least 300 QSOs) (Sponsor: open)
If interested, contact

Tomi OH6EI (OH6EI at SRAL.FI) 
SAC Contest Committee

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