TopBand: New TopBand Location

Bill Fisher, KM9P
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 19:14:24 -0400 (EDT)

Hello guys. 

The new location for TopBand is  If you would like
to unsubscribe from this list, please send a message to with 'unsubscribe' only in the body of the text.

PLEASE!  If you drop your email account please remember to unsubscribe
first.  It's a real pain to delete people manually when mail starts
bouncing.  Also... the program that runs this list subscribes you using your
email address and whatever you have programmed for your real name.  So if
you change your real name from Bill to Billy, you won't be able to
unsubscribe from the list.  Keep it in mind.

Bill Tippet, W0ZV (, will handle all of the
administrative duties of this list.  I will only get involved if something
crashes or if Bill needs help.  

This list will now be available on the WWW.  You can view it by surfing to  You may decide it's easier to read
messages on the WWW and not fill up your mailbox with messages.  I'll try to
digest the messages by month when I have time.

I will also post an FAQ for this list at
http:/, and will post it here in a message
this coming week.

Thanks to Bill, AA6TT, for putting together one of the best lists going.
Hopefully we can keep it from slipping in to the QRN that other lists have


Bill Fisher, KM9P & Akorn Access, Inc.

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