TopBand: Beverage Help

Jim Fenstermaker
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 07:01:46 -0800

I just read some comments about beverage problems and I can relate.  Last
weekend, I put up my 600' European beverage for this weekend's contest as
well as for the fabulous DXing this winter season.  It is fed with 250' of
1/2 75 ohm hardline.  I then turned on the RX and, low and behold, broadcast
stations every 10Khz!  This condition is true only on the European beverage.
Neither the east coast beverage nor the JA beverage has this problem.  Just
to the south of my QTH about 3 miles is a 10KW broadcast station on 1550 Khz.

Based on the configuration of my property, the European beverage runs about
70 feet from the shunt-fed tower.  However, the JA beverage does the same.  

I would like to tap the collective wisdom of the Lowbanders concerning this
condition.  Where do I start???  I suppose I could try shorting the shunt on
the tower to see if there is some kind of coupling between the tower and
beverage.   BTW, I did try ferrite cores around the connector at the RX end
of the feedline without any noticable difference.

Any additional advise would be welcome as Friday is drawing near!

73 Jim K9JF/7
Vancouver, WA

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