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Bernie, ZS4TX
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 14:21:54 +0200


With W0SD and AL7MX in the log I still need Maine and Hawaii on topband for

AL7MX came through about 10 minutes after my sunset with very rapid QSB (S4
to inaudible and back up again within a matter of seconds right through the
duration of the opening)

After working Kevin, the band opened to Europe with S9 signals from Italy,
Greece and the UK. I assume the path to KL7 was over the North Pole. I used
a 600ft (lying on the ground) unterminated North/South beverage. Without the
beverage  I would not have known that Kevin was there at all.

I have tried with KH6CC at his sunrise as well as mine but at this time of
the year we are never in darkness at the same time. The best time will
probably be in March and April.

Any topbanders in MAINE willing to make a sked? Please contact me.



PS. Lucy, why so quiet? 


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