TopBand: CUBA QSL´s

Kevin Muenzler
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 15:13:13 -0600

On Monday, December 16, 1996 2:56 PM, SM5AQD[] wrote:
>I have worked a few CO?s stn?s and one of them is CO7EH.
>I have send him 3 times QSL card with 1USD with 1 IRC and one letter
>was send with recommended post.
>The one with recommended was answered in 2 weeks and today I received
>the one with IRC. The letters with USD and IRC was send long time
>ago. Beginning of this year.
>Eduardo writes on the QSL that please do not send USD or IRC?s.
>Address used was: Eduardo Hidalgo,P.O Box 5426, Camaguey, CUBA,C.P.73000
>Maybe I can help someone to solve the problems with cards.
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I've had similar problems with Cuban QSL cards.  Usually they
ask not to QSL direct.  I know they DON'T like to receive
US dollars and I don't think IRC's do them any good either.
I usually just send it via the BURO and wait, and wait, and
wait.... ;)

Kevin, WB5RUE

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Sponsored by Akorn Access, Inc & KM9P