TopBand: Problem in 1827.

Pedro L. Vadillo
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 00:00:16 +0100

        Hi fellows:

        I=B4ve got a problem in my receiver in 1827 frequency. I live close=
some BC stations which transmit in 585, 657, 810, 954 and 999 KHz. In 1827 I
can hear a mixture of the BC from 585 and 657, and as it can be shown
1827=3D585+657+585. I would like to know if this idea has a basic
justification, and if so what could I do to finish with this problem?. My
equipment it=B4s a TS-940 and I just have a BCB filter from ICE that works
perfectly. Any suggestions will be apreciated, because as you know most of
DX stations transmit nearby 1827.

        Thank=B4s in advance, 73 DX de Pedro, EA 4 KD.

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