TopBand: Radial advice

K. Caruso x226-6935 19-Dec-1996 1046 -0500
Thu, 19 Dec 96 10:55:17 EST

	My radial farm is planning to grow this weekend if the weather
	holds out. I've come across another 500' of wire. I'm in a 1/3
	acre lot, but am able to do a small amount of 130' radials in
	two directions only (approx 200deg and 300deg directions).

	In addition there currently exists large gaps in the radial field.
	I can get approximately 80' radials between 200deg and 300deg. 
	Would it be more advantageous to fill in the gaps with a bunch of
	50 to 80 footers, or lay out approximately 4 more 130 footers?

	WO1N or

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