TopBand: Hearing 1SZ Bcn ?
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 13:44:54 +0600

To Jack - N6XQ
FM Bob Parkes 4S7RPG

Drift Net Beacons

I believe the signal 1SZ you were hearing is a drift net beacon.  Over a
long period of time I have heard them from 1800-1915kHz (or more).  Very
unenviromental devices!!  Who allocates the codes goodness knows.

I first heard them in 1980 when VS5RP and asked the question in W1BBs
newsletter but cannot remember getting a reply to the question.  I raised it
again about three years back and got to know  that is what they be!  They
come and go through a night of listening as propagation favours different
locations and paths through the night!!

They are nice and slow and your thoughts are raised then dashed as you think
there is someone, somewhere calling and hopefully hearing your CQs!!

In Nov 1993 I logged

1824.2kHz       AH27    (twice on 13Nov93 and 26 Nov93)
1830.0kHz       7AO     (twice on 13Nov93 and 26 Nov93)
1832.7kHz       WT13
1833.0kHz       DX7
1835.6kHz       AH75
1843.5kHz       BE28
1850.0kHz       TC88
1856.5kHz       BF76

In Jan 1995 I logged

1806.0kHz       D41         
1814.7kHz       MU07
1825.0kHz       TH53
1825.3kHz       BF46
1835.5kHz       WB45
1840.4kHz       K3I
1915.6kHz       DK09

In April 1995 I logged
1816.0kHz       7RK
1823.0kHz       1CM
1840.3kHz       A28P

In June 1995 I logged
1827.6kHz       JC19
1870.0kHz       A1
1905.2kHz       CO34
1906.5kHz       CE77

In Nov 1995 I logged
1835.7kHz       WB45
1853.0kHz       WC10

Perhaps I will start listening for them again!!  At least they help you keep
awake and half alert!!

Bob Parkes

>   I am relatively new to 160 and was hearing a beacon last night signing
>1SZ followed by a long dash on 1831.2.  Was this signal a valid 160 signal
>and if so does anyone have a location for it and know it's purpose?  ON4UN's
>book reports most 160 beacons are QRT and does not have a listing of any.
>Is there a listing anywhere  ?     73   Jack, N6XQ
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