TopBand: Pacific Trip

Sun, 22 Dec 1996 22:52:41 -0800

Thanks for the many messages concerning my trip and unsubscribing.
We have no specific itinerary so I don't know which, if any, Central 
American countries we will visit.  If we should visit a Central American 
country that is rare on 160M (are there any- I think I've worked them 
all)  I could try to get an amateur radio permit and operate from the 
marina pier where we are docked.  Guess that would count although several 
of you have said that operating from a few feet away onboard the boat 
would not count.  Perhaps, I would also have to put up a different 
antenna, on land for it too count for DXCC.  Oh well, maybe I'll fish 

Anyway, I will operate W0AH/MM when we are in international waters and 
/XE along the Mexican coast.  Yes, I plan to get a Mexican amateur radio 
Season's Greetings and 73,
Doug  W0AH   ex-W2CRS

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