TopBand: CT Logging Prg. and the Stew Perry Long Distance Challenge

Dennis G. Peterson
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 10:03:31 EST

Thanks to everyone who responded with comments and suggestions for using
CT.  As I am somewhat of a computer illiterate user who hasn never used
the computer before for contesting etc.  that in itself will be somewhat
of a challenge.  Is this program capable of or compatible with the
contest in determining grid square distances etc?   I don't see any place
for this determination etc., maybe this is a special type of contest and
only one type of software is useable or available so that more software
can be purchased huh?
	Also, my grid square ID has about 2 or 3 IDs; how does one know
which one is correct?  I have a neighbor who is 5 blocks away and he has
one ID number and a neighbor who lives about 12 blocks a different one,
and one who lives about 3 miles south another one.  Is there a program
that will distinguish which is correct or does one have to purchase one
of those global positioning units just to see where in the heck he's at?
	One final question,  if I don't get this program up and running
by contest time; does this mean that I can't submit my hand written logs
for entry?  Or maybe I should ask if Hand Written Logs are permissible? 
73sb and thanks in advance de N7CKDennis/0
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