TopBand: 160 QSK Operating Practices
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 16:19:21 -0500

In a message dated 96-12-28 12:02:14 EST, you write:

>I have noted quite a few stations that send their calls 3, 4 or five
>times in a pileup. This by itself may not be unusual, however, the dx
>has already acknowledged someone else and is half way thru an exchange
>before they finish sending their calls. This "drags" out the qso as guys
>then send, "?, agn, or huh".  I have used QSK on cw for quite some time
>and wouldnt be without it. So my question: Is qsk considered a norm on
>this band, is it not used by some due to poor operating practices,
>equipment limitations, poor listening antennas(all of the above), or is
>it due to using beverages and other types of antennas that wont allow
>qsk?  I remember a thread on the reflector about using isolation on the
>rx antennas so as to not "blow" or overload the front end. I plan on
>putting up an EWE soon. Can I use qsk with a EWE? My EWE will be either
>60 ft away or another choice is about 200 ft.
>Forgive my ignorance, just a FNG trying to learn the ropes and have fun
>at the same time. Thanks for your inputs.
>73 Tom K6CT

I think the real solution is to remind people that long calls zero beat with
the big pile do no good. Generally the strongest station gets through in the
mess, or the crafty operator calling a KHz or more up or down.

73 Tom

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