TopBand: XZ1N Update Nov 22, 1996

Dave Hollander - N7RK
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 06:05:59 +0200

Here is the latest from the XZ Dave N7RK


XZ1N Update from Warren, K7WX: November 22, 1996 Yangon, MYANMAR

General Observations: QSO rates continue to be high, with Europe and Japan
dominating our activities. Openings to North America have been brief, but
rewarding with many zone 5 contacts. We remain grateful to European and
Japanese stations who have stood by patiently during these times.

In the last four days of operating, we have begun to notice a curious
phenomena. In spite of four outstanding antennas for 160 meters (600 and
200 foot beverages, a sloper at 110 feet and a linear loaded vertical at 90
feet), we are still unable to hear North America calling us. Last night on
40 and 80 meters we were told over and over that our 160 meter signal was
quite strong into zone 3 and yet our only contact was N7UA at 1515Z.
Similar information has been coming regarding other bands and other

For years it has been accepted that propagation is basically a reciprocal
phenomena. That the path in both directions must be the same. After
comparing notes each morning, N6BT, AB6ZV and WA7LNW and I are beginning to
realize that at least from zone 26, propagation can actually be quite
non-reciprocal. from this location, it would appear that at times, the path
to north America and other areas is far better than  the return. With sate
of the art antennas and high performance radios all run by experienced
operators, we can offer no explanation.

10-80 Meters: Today N6BT will install a fifth top band antenna in hopes of
being able to hear better. This will be a linear loaded dipole at
approximately 100 feet. Japanese stations should look for us from
1700-2000Z at which time we will listen in the JA DX window
at 1912 KHz. our transmit frequency will remain the same at 1.8255. To date
our top band numbers are as follows:

QSOs    Countries       Zones   Dupes
550     51              16      10% (too many insurance QSOs)

Upcoming Activities: look for us in the CQ WW DX Contest beginning at 0000Z
tomorrow. during the contest weekend, we will continue to maintain heavy
activity on SSB.

73 and good DX to all de Warren K7WX

Relayed by Dave N7RK


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