TopBand: Inverted-L question
Tue, 01 Oct 1996 12:56:07 -0500

George Guerin wrote:
> Dave and Dave wrote:

> Dave Henderson
>      The problem is the 100 ft tower is guyed with uninsulated guy wires.
>      This destroys the possiblities for shunt feed unless the tower is fed
>      from a guy wire as a inverted monopole.
A point of interest!  At my former location I had a 75' tower w/TH6 on
top.  I did poor planning of the installation by installing guys at
three equidistant elevations and not  insulating the guy wires from the
tower.  However, I did break them into non resonant lengths.  I shunt
fed the tower, tapped at the top, and it played amazingly well on
transmit but was very noisy, as most vertical are, on receive.  I
suspect the guy wires are adding to the electrical length of the tower,
but I'm not an expert by any means on that subject.  Just empirical
data.  :-)  If memory serves me correct, I worked all continents with it
that year and also won MN in low power class for CQWW and ARRL 160 meter
contests.  A minor accomplishment yes but none the less, an
accomplishment.  I had a friend model it with YA and it seemed to have a
decent pattern.  Lucky?...yeah probably so, but I have the same setup at
this QTH and am gg to give it a go, albeit with a better receive antenna
this time.

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