Wed, 02 Apr 1997 13:00:52 +0100

Hi all,
I was asking for a MHz to uH/uH to MHz conversion in my last MSG. OK, I did
receive a lot of stuff about that, Tnx to those guys they really understand
me, and sent their support, now I will learn somthing. I did receive another
kind of stuff aswell, definitly NOW I will learn..! TNX John, I read your MSG
three times! Where did I read something like "...I am a professional
electronic engineer..." ?? Good to know, but not everybody is as professional
as others!! And have I seen aswell "...FRIENDLY:.....friendly advice and
counsel to the beginer;kindly assistance...", in some other book..? No, I
didn't learn about that in my exam to amateur-radio, John.
And how about others expecting conversions between apples and pinneapples..!
Well, if you asked me for another conversion, maybe I could help you, since I
operate from a kitchen..!

Here I learnt two things: One can ask for unknown things, and been replayed
for nice guys, and second shut your mouth and never get the right thing, 8best
thing to do as someone can think!)

Sorry for wasted bandswidth, but I though it was necessary to point it.

                   Replays to: Enric. EB6AOK 

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