TopBand: Bandplan
Sat, 05 Apr 1997 17:27:15 EST

Tnx for reply Pat, been flat out busy for a few days so sri for slow

Anything to restrict the contesters to a mode dependent part of the band
is a plus IMO.  It works on other bands and I have yet to find anything
special about 160M that allows almost TOTAL band disruption. That group
will not even try and conform unless the FCC mandates mode lines cast in
 At least we would then only have to put up with them over a few weekends
and in limited parts of the band. It may even (I hope so) limit contest
activity because of the bandwidth restrictions.

Before anyone gets running off at the mouth that I am
Anti-Contesting...just STOP. My history on the band in contests is well
known. It is just because of the current disgusting mess that I have
elected to no longer participate. The fun part of it is gone. 

The time has come for mandated rules before it gets even worse.

73....Carl  KM1H

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