TopBand: DX surprise

tenex communications
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 22:18:13 -0400 (EDT)

I guess we ain't dead yet on 160!  I got up before sunrise and heard a
relatively strong signal signing with turned out to be VK5BC
QSB at 339-579!  I heard N4SU I think work him and then I gave it a shot and
got him.  What is really surprising about this is that most of my "winter
radials" are rolled up, my Beverages are down, and I worked Hugh on the
vertical with less than full output from the amp.  With the Beverage I am
sure he would have been much better...but who knows.

Night before last I worked FR5DX...a real surprise this time of year (or so
I think).

I guess I figured that this late in the season the Pacific would be long
gone, and signals from the east would be really down (FR5DX was a good
449-459).  Does this mean we might get some summer openings in among the
QRN?  I guess I will have to hurry up the 160M facilities at the lake and
try some of the summer mornings just to see.

Anyone else in this part of the country working anything?  I miss Tree's
"boring Oregon" reports already!!

73 , Bill, VE3CSK

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