TopBand: Dayton Antenna Forum 1997

Eric Gustafson
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 08:02:25 -0700

>References: <>

>>"New Concepts of J-Antenna Theory and Operation"
>>Bill Parker W8DMR
>Whats a J-Antenna as related to 160M or are we talking No-Code bands?
>73....Carl   KM1H

Actually, a few years back, we gave a pretty good account of ourselves
(considering our geographically challenged desert southwest location and no
beverages for RX) using a full sized 160M J-pole vertical in the CQWW160.
Check the scores for N7CL in the CW and N7DD in the phone.  Actually, I
can't remember now whether we were using Larry's call in the phone section
or mine but it will be one or the other.  We have since changed to a
different TX antenna that requires less support height.  But the J-pole
worked quite well while we had a place to hang it from.

73,  Eric  N7CL

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